Tear Trough/Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

Tired eyes are one of the commonest concerns coming to Eye and Face. Both hereditary and lifestyle factors such as not enough sleep, stress and of course too many birthdays contribute to a fatigued appearance, manifesting as:

  • Dark circles
  • Fines lines
  • A ‘sunken’ appearance.
  • Droopy brows

Dr Brady uses a practised eye and light touch to enhance and rejuvenate the periocular region, tailoring the treatment to the patient’s concerns. These include

  • anti-wrinkle injections to relax muscles associated with fine lines
  • polynucleotides to revitalise and improve crepey skin
  • dermal filler to support mid face and gently contour the tear trough
  • SkinPen Precision to boost skin quality
  • medical grade skin care.