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  • "Dear Miss Brady, I am writing to thank you for your kindness and expertise over the past few months. I was so nervous when I first attended and in fear of losing my sight but nine months on my pressures are controlled and I feel a new woman"


  • "I can highly recommend Dr Brady. She took the time to really listen to me and explain the options available. The filler injections were almost painfree and I am delighted with the results – not glaringly obvious but my lips are full and luscious!"


  • "My experience with Dr Janice was exceptional from start to finish. As a harassed mother of 3 I have felt tired and drawn recently. The clinic atmosphere was calm and relaxing and I couldn’t believe what a light and gentle touch she had! I now look refreshed but not in an asrtificial way! I have absolutely no reservations in recommending her!"


  • "Dear Mr Doris thank you so much for the wonderful care and attention that you gave me during my stay in hospital. Thanks to your consummate skill and professional expertise I have made a remarkable recovery in the last 2 weeks. You are a credit to your demanding profession and I wish you ever success and happiness into the future."


  • "Dear Mr Doris thanks for your letter concerning my patient and for your clinical skill in operating on her for a detached retina. She is now back at work and most appreciative of your skill and expertise."

    Kildare GP

  • "Dear Mr Doris I should like to thank you personally for your judgement and skill in restoring the sight in my right eye."


  • "Dear Mr Doris I am writing to thank you for the gift of my sight. I have not been able to see clearly without the aid of contacts since I was about 10 years old - that is 55 years ago!! I was astonished when I took off the bandage and I had not realised that I would be able to see without contacts. Its a like a miracle! God bless your own perfect sight and wonderful talented hands."


  • "Dear Mr Doris you won't remember me but I remember you with warmth and gratitude. Its nearly a year now since you removed the oil holding a retinal re-attachment you did on me 10months earlier and touch wood all going well now. It was my 3rd retinal detachment but the first you handled. Now that I have 2 functioning eyes (and proper depth of perception) I'm using them more conscious than ever of their preciousness. Thank you."


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