Ageing Skin

As we age the powerhouses of our skin (fibroblasts) produce less collagen and elastin. We lose up to 30% of our skin’s collagen in the 5 years post menopause. Furthermore our skin often becomes more sensitive as we get older and rosacea (redness) flare-ups are more common.

At Eye and Face we take a holistic approach. We start with an in-depth consultation and design a bespoke plan to deliver your best skin. This can incorporate:

Targeted skin supplements such as Skinade

Active medical grade skincare

Medical microneedling with Skinpen

Polynucleotides – potent biomodulators that jumpstart the skins innate repair mechanisms

Medical grade peels to deeply exfoliate, patch treat specific skin concerns and encourage skin rejuvenation

Profhilo and Volite – innovate treatments that provide long lasting hydration while helping to promote collagen production

HarmonyCa – a potent cocktail of hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume and Calcium Hydroxyapatite to provide long term collagen stimulation. This treatment is ideal for patient with dual issues with volume loss and a decline in skin quality.