Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation issues aren’t just a matter of some adorable freckles – it can be hugely problematic to address unless a consistent approach is taken. Interestingly darker skin types are inherently more at risk and therefore sunblock is critical.

Hyperpigmentation results when melanocytes are stimulated to produce excess melanin by an external skin stressor such as

  • sun damage – e.g. freckles, brown spots, patches and lines
  • hormonal fluctuations – melasma and
  • post-inflammatory marks/spots which can occur after acne or inappropriately aggressive skincare.

Pigmentation and Skin Discolouration Treatment

Treating pigmentation and skin discolouration requires a delicate balance between recognised brightening ingredients while avoiding side effects or further pigmentation. A course of SkinPen Precision treatments can significantly help to reduce pigmentation of the skin.  An expert touch, compliance with the at-home regimen and a personalised journey is required for best results.