Skin health can change from season to season so it’s a good idea to tweak your skincare routine to match.

Here we discuss common skin changes in the summer months and how to deal with them.

  1. The dreaded ‘sun slick’. Increased heat and humidity can lead to an oily T-zone. Start by switching your sunscreen to an oil-free version such as Alumier MD ClearShield. Add an oil-absorbing primer such as Matticlear and try the Refining Clay mask for a weekly treatment.
  2. Pigmentation can occur for a variety of reasons but it is imperative that we protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. After this specific pigment serums can map up existing pigment and prevent further discolouration. Alumier Intellibright and Eventone work synergistically. We usually recommend using Intellibright in the morning and Eventone in the evening for bests results.
  3. Exposure to wind and sun can also cause dehydration. It’s best to avoid oily formulas and apply water based hydration. Our Aqua Infusion mask is an ideal rescue remedy after prolonged sun exposure.
  4. Finally don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours when out in the sun. Mists or powders are ideal formulations for sun protection on the go. Try ZO powder sun protection or Mesoestetic SPF mist.