Beautiful skin for all in your wedding party requires dedicated expertise, a tailor-made regime, supportive aftercare and a consistent approach from you at home. Here is our comprehensive guide to achieving the perfect wedding glow!

12 months before: 

Start with a skin analysis by an aesthetic specialist. At Eye and Face this encompasses digital assessment, coupled with an in-depth medical history and expert assessment by Dr Janice. This allows us to assess your baseline skin health, prioritize concerns and put together a bespoke plan to deliver timely results.

Good skin doesn’t just happen overnight – it requires a consistent approach. Start with the low-lying fruit and make good skin resolutions –  that means ditching the wipes, drinking water and using sunblock.

Effective skincare involves the use of targeted and researched active ingredients delivered in the right dose with the correct formulation. We are all unique and that means the super-serum that your friend swears by may not work for you.

Using your home protocols religiously will get you 65% of the way to a glowing complexion. but now its time to turbo charge…


6 months before:

Now is the time to start a course of peels.  Dr Janice finds that Irish skin tends to have underlying sensitivity issues so the challenge is titrating the treatments to to deliver quantifiable improvement without causing further skin issues. That means taking the time to assess your skin anew at every visit and customizing your treatment to different facial areas.

Don’t forget to pay attention to backs and arms. These areas are prone to blemishes and Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) – both conditions eminently treatable with the right formulations. We can advise you on at home products as well as clinic peels to allow you so show off that exquisite dress!


4 months before

Peels and facials are typically delivered once a month as the skin renewal cycle is approximately 28 days. At this point there will be a visible difference in your skin. If you wish to consider a ‘tweakment’ now is the time to discuss it with your doctor. Anti-wrinkle injections typically last 4 months and Dr Janice likes to review new clients approximately two weeks later for an optional top-up. This allows us to precisely deliver facial relaxation without a frozen appearance!


3 months before

Maintain good skin habits and skin regimen. At each appointment we carry out a skin analysis and refine our approach.


2 months before

Final skin regime review. This is the optimal time for lip enhancement as you want your lips to look luscious yet natural on the day. Dr Janice does not recommend last minute aesthetic treatments as you need to allow time for the face to settle and permit small tweaks if required.


1 month before

Final peel. This is the optimal time for anti-wrinkle injections – Dr Janice will review you approximately two weeks later to ensure you have the perfect result!


2 weeks before

Light exfoliation to provide the perfect base for make-up. Now is not the time for experimentation – in fact you should be reaping the benefits of good skin habits!


1 week before

Hydrating facial and plenty of rest!


1 day before

All the planning is done so don’t panic! Just relax with family and friends.