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4 Bad Skin Habits to Avoid

Our clinic philosophy starts and ends with beautiful skin. Here are a few bad habits that we should all avoid. 1. Never go to bed without cleansing your skin. Makeup, sebum and debris accumulation create the perfect breeding ground for acne and can contribute to skin ageing. 2. Never skip sunscreen. Even on cloudy days […]

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Cleanliness is next to godliness…

Before trying heroic skin treatments I like to spend time discussing my patients lifestyle, diet and of course current skin care routine. I’m a firm believer in starting from first principles. In that spirit skincare 101 starts with cleansing: First of all – Avoid facial wipes!¬†They are totally inadequate to remove the layers of grime […]

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Sunglasses lying on the beach

The importance of CE marked Sunglasses

Our Consultants at the Eye and Face Clinic, Waterford would like to remind everyone the importance of using CE marked sunglasses. The CE mark indicates that the sun glasses block Ultraviolet (UV) light. If a pair of sunglasses have no CE mark there is a risk that they provide no UV protection. When the eyes […]

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