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The Problem of Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation describes an excessive and irregular production of melanin which is naturally present in skin. It presents as brown irregular patches on the skin. Causes: Sun damage UV light exposure makes skin less able to regulate the production of melanin. This can result in distinct pigmented patches which are commonly found on sun-exposed areas and […]

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Skin switch-ups for summer

Skin health can change from season to season so it’s a good idea to tweak your skincare routine to match. Here we discuss common skin changes in the summer months and how to deal with them. The dreaded ‘sun slick’. Increased heat and humidity can lead to an oily T-zone. Start by switching your sunscreen […]

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4 Bad Skin Habits to Avoid

Our clinic philosophy starts and ends with beautiful skin. Here are a few bad habits that we should all avoid. 1. Never go to bed without cleansing your skin. Makeup, sebum and debris accumulation create the perfect breeding ground for acne and can contribute to skin ageing. 2. Never skip sunscreen. Even on cloudy days […]

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The Importance of Makeup Hygiene

We all aspire to an immaculately curated makeup bag but reality for most is a scruffy mess filled with half used mistakes (emerald eyeshadow for work?), pencil stubs and semi fossilised sponges. Unsurprisingly make-up hygiene (or lack thereof) is a huge factor in the appearance of skin. So here’s a quick primer. Wash your hands […]

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