Since early teenage years I have been an obsessive skincare junkie and have made my fair share of mistakes before I educated myself. My general and specialist training taught me to keep it simple and look for active ingredients with actual evidence behind them. So what have I learnt?

  • Pretty fragrances are frequently irritating.
  • Attacking my skin as if it were a rhinocerous hide makes things worse.
  • Sun protection is crucial – particularly for Celtic complexions such as my own.

I stock ZO skin health for the simple reason that it works. It was developed by Zein Obagi – an iconic figure in dermatology who revolutionised the treatment of skin conditions such as pigmentation and scarring.

This is my skincare regime:

  1. Exfoliating Cleanser – Despite the name this is gentle and leaves my skin clean and dewy but with no hint of tightness.
  2. Exfoliating polish – I have sensitive skin and was initially sceptical. However I absolutely love the feel of this on my skin and the end result – a dewy glowy complexion. I use this twice a week with excellent effect. Oilier complexions can use it more frequently.
  3. Complexion Renewal pads – These contain salicyclic acid and are essential for controlling breakouts and minimising pores.
  4. Daily Power Defence Dr Obagi  believes that skin creams with  active ingredients  are more relevant then a basic moisturiser. This multi-tasker evens skin tone, restores the skin barrier, provides antioxidants and minimizes UV damage and pigmentation. Areal workhorse.
  5. Oclipse Primer with SPF 30. This product provides a smooth canvas for makeup or even bare skin days as there is a slight tint. The sunblock is non-comedogenic and doesn’t result in a oil slicked forehead. The other products do the underlying work to sustain good skin days but this is my essential product for the perfect blank canvas.
  6. ZO intense eye crème. I have incredibly sensitive eyes so was both surprised and pleased when this light crème was easily tolerated while containing retinol, peptides and protective glycosaminoglycans.

I am a working mother with two small girls who have zero tolerance for mummy’s  beauty routine. This combination involves minimal time and maximal results. My main problem is ensuring that these beautiful products aren’t hijacked for use on dollies (as happened on one memorable occasion – you will be glad to know that they are now on a higher shelf!).