Face Threads

As we get older, we lose facial volume and skin elasticity. These changes contribute to the development of facial sagging. While dermal filler can be used to help restore lost volume, a holistic approach must incorporate the repositioning of sagging tissue.

Thread-lifting is a non-invasive procedure in which bio-absorbable threads are passed through subcutaneous tissues. They have two effects

  • An immediate lifting and repositioning
  • As the threads dissolve they induce collagen production
  • In effect they can be likened to a support net for the tissues of the face helping to redefine facial contours and induce collagen production.

Thread lifts take less than 60 minutes, with results that can last up to 2 years.

Dr Brady requires an initial consultation to check you for suitability and to discuss the procedure. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions. Ms Brady does not perform threads procedures on the same day. This is to allow you time to consider the treatment and to adequately prepare for the best possible result.

What areas can be treated?

  • Eyebrows
  • Lift cheeks and reduce sagging
  • Lift midface to reduce nasolabial folds (lines between the nose and mouth)
  • Improve the jawline