Skin Boosters/Polynucleotides

Skin boosters have been a game-changing addition to our anti-ageing tools over the last few years. We offer a number of different modalities depending on the results we wish to achieve.

  • Profhilo is best for long lasting deep hydration, with the additional benefit of stimulating collagen to firm the skin.
  • Volite to hydrate and help soften fine lines in delicate areas such as around the mouth or crows feet
  • Polynucleotides are strands of DNA material which turbo charge the skins innate repair mechanisms. We use these to deal with
    • fine lines in all areas of the body but particularly the face
    • neck and hands
    • crepeiness and dullness around the eyes (an area that is notoriously difficult to treat)
    • rosacea
    • scarring

The number of treatments required varies depending on the product, the area of the body and the skin’s condition. Ms Brady can formulate a plan tailored to you at your consultation.