As we age we lose volume from the face and our skin loses elasticity. Up to now we have had to target these separately. However HarmonyCa is a novel injectable with two active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid, the main component of traditional dermal fillers and Calcium Hydroxyapatite.

These two ingredients provide a hybrid treatment:

    • an immediate lifting effect with restoration of lost volume – this typically lasts one year
    • a more long lasting collagen stimulating effect – with effects lasting up to three years

HArmonyCa works wonderfully to restore hollow cheeks. Patients typically comment on the improvement in skin texture. We also use it to help sharpen jawlines, tighten jowls and marionette lines.

More recently we have had great success with HarmonyCa in the treatment of ageing hands.

It is important to realise that HArmonyCa is one of a constellation of treatments available. Every patient is individual and no treatment is the Holy Grail. We cannot treat one area in isolation and a consultation with Ms Brady is essential so that we can formulate the ideal treatment plan for you.